Monday-Wednesday: Complete Mobile projects and draw blue prints with calculations Thursday: Complete projects if needed; World’s Best Airplane Lab Friday: World’s Best Airplane Lab  

Monday: President’s Day Holiday Tuesday: NFL Torque video clip and Torque and Center of Mass notebook assignment Wednesday: Torque discussion and practice problems; Discuss mobile project Thursday: Torque Lab Friday: […]

This week we are continuing with Circular Motion, focusing on Centripetal Force and then Rotational Inertia. Monday: Coriolis effect and What if the Earth Stopped Spinning Videos, Centripetal Force assignment […]

If you want to look ahead at the things I have planned, feel free!  They may change slightly, but will be pretty close to what you see. Physics Calendar

This week we will begin learning about Circular Motion. TEKS: 4C and 4D 4C: analyze and describe accelerated motion in two dimensions, including using equations, graphical vector addition, and projectile […]

(6) Science concepts. The student knows that changes occur within a physical system and applies the laws of conservation of energy and momentum. The student is expected to: (A) investigate […]

Here is a link to a calendar I use when I make my lesson plans!  It is the same link that I posted at the start of the school year. […]

All students that are taking the exam should have a copy of the review now. I posted it on Google classroom, and they have a paper copy if they were […]

Lesson Plans for Physics: Monday: First day of 2nd 9 weeks Gravity notebook entry and practice problems Baumgartners top free falls video Tuesday: Felix’s free fall drop from space video […]