Monday: Energy assignment using Chapter 9.2-9.7 Tuesday: Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy equation notebook entry; complete Monday’s assignment if needed HW: Complete Monday’s assignment if you didn’t finish in class […]

Monday: Displacement assignment on Google classroom Complete domino lab if needed HW: complete domino lab handout Tuesday: “Bump and Spike” ESPN 30 for 30 Short video clip Questions to replace […]

Monday: Significant Figures notebook entry ; Complete Sig Fig color sheet we worked on last Friday Tuesday: Significant Figure with measuring tools notebook entry page Significant practice problems Wednesday: Review […]

Monday: Labor Day Holiday Tuesday: Conversion Factor chart in notes Dimensional Analysis Maze activity (homework if they do not finish in class) Wednesday: Metric Conversion, scientific notation Dimensional Analysis practice […]

Monday: Student information sheets Cube logic activity Pass out policy page HW: Bring supplies and signed Policy page by Friday, add picture to info sheet (due Wednesday) Tuesday: Logic Riddle […]