Monday: Holiday Tuesday: Vertical plan hearing demo and video clip; If time, Decibel practice page Wednesday: Changing Pitch Lab Thursday: Waves practice page (and decibel practice page if we didn’t […]

Monday: Waves interference demo and video clip; Wave interference graphing assignment Tuesday: Complete graphing activity (some may start the cell phone hologram activity) Wednesday: Cell phone hologram activity Thursday: Waves […]

This week we will begin our unit on WAVES.  This will include vibrations, sound, and light waves. Monday: Earthquake Waves Lab with Slinkies Tuesday: Lab analysis and Earthquake discussion Wednesday: […]

This week will complete our unit on Temperature and Heat. Monday: Complete the notebook assignment: Thermal expansion and Water; NASA weather current video Tuesday: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation group activity […]

This week we will continue to explore Thermodynamics. Monday: Specific Heat (Oil vs. Water) Lab Tuesday: Specific Heat Christmas Story video clip; Complete Lab Analysis; Specific Heat Assignment (from Friday) […]

This week we will begin our unit on Thermodynamics. Monday: Student holiday Tuesday: Temperature comparison video, Heat and Temperature Notebook assignment Wednesday: Particle motion and microwave video, Microwave oven article […]

Monday-Wednesday: Complete Mobile projects and draw blue prints with calculations Thursday: Complete projects if needed; World’s Best Airplane Lab Friday: World’s Best Airplane Lab  

Monday: President’s Day Holiday Tuesday: NFL Torque video clip and Torque and Center of Mass notebook assignment Wednesday: Torque discussion and practice problems; Discuss mobile project Thursday: Torque Lab Friday: […]