All students that are taking the exam should have a copy of the review now. I posted it on Google classroom, and they have a paper copy if they were […]

Lesson Plans for Physics: Monday: First day of 2nd 9 weeks Gravity notebook entry and practice problems Baumgartners top free falls video Tuesday: Felix’s free fall drop from space video […]

Oct. 16-19 Monday: Review for test (formative assessment, group grading) Tuesday: Test – summative assessment about speed, velocity and acceleration Wednesday: Test Corrections Thursday: 2016 World Changing advances and assignment […]

Oct. 9-13 Monday: Merrily we roll along lab Tuesday: Merrily we roll along lab Wednesday: Merrily we roll along lab Thursday: Acceleration notebook entry Acceleration practice problems  (formative assessment) and […]

Oct. 2-6 Monday: Domino Video-smarter every day Speed and Velocity notebook entry Complete lab and speed assignment Tuesday: ACT Making stuff faster NOVA documentary Wednesday: ½ day Ted ed: How […]

This week we will discuss Force and Mechanical Equilibrium, contrast distance and displacement, and calculate velocity. TEKS: 4A: generate and interpret graphs and charts describing different types of motion, including the […]

This week we will finish reviewing our math skills needed for Physics and begin to examine Mechanical Equilibrium. Monday: Complete and check the review Task Cards Test tomorrow! Be sure […]

This week we will continue with the importance of converting between units correctly and study the significance and process of rounding using correct significant digits. Monday: Read these articles I […]

This week we will focus on converting between measurements within the metric system, and between standard and metric units. TEKS Covered: 2H, 2L, 3F Tuesday: Glue metric conversion chart in […]